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In the early ages people used to barter things from each other instead of giving money. Whereas in this era people engage the buyers to buy things from them at high rates but after some months of usage it’s no longer in shape. In every sector we find such business! This dishonesty hauled out the humanity from humans.

But ‘Kidssatisfying’ is here with a new initiative which would help your child’s mind-set to grow and to learn with fun new techniques. Our site consists of various different ways of learning for these new minds! If you think that our service is worth it, we request you to be a part of humanity too! As in our country (Bangladesh) the illiteracy rate is up to 26%, which means almost 42 million people! *And what about their children’s ?* wouldn’t this percentage increase? We still have time to save these children’s future!

The one and only reason these people remained illiterate and pushing their children’s to illiteracy is only due to the financial issue that all the poor face in Bangladesh. Their parents can’t even afford to buy them class 1 books! Also these children’s fail to get proper “Medical Treatment”, which results to cause deaths. Some even doesn’t have a roof on their head. Majority of the children’s starve on the road, whenever someone eats something their needy eyes calls them! And like this one day their soul departures from their body… How unfortunate these children’s are! Such a huge world, but not even a slice of bread in their luck!

So lastly, this is a very small initiative from us and now it’s up to you all, your little contribution may save an innocent’s (children’s) life!

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