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Brace the needies from your side.

Happiness is all we want!

In this lively world, everyone runs behind their own fortune and benefit. Kidssatisfying is here to serve you to make your life smoother. We provide the most practical education for your kids through videos, Reading, colors and objects, science related ideas, all these contents consists of various effects and fun characters that your kids will love.

On the opposite side, the kids who are born in poor families and their parents can’t afford them to learn even primary education will have the opportunity to get in touch with us. We believe, every human being is entitle to get proper education even their destitute from the other essential needs. We give our most priority to “child education.”

Moreover, majority of children’s in our country are deprived from food, clothing, shelter, and medical treatment. So if you can contribute (any help) it may bring a change to those children’s life.

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Let’s Learn ENGLISH. GRADE 1. Pupil’s Book । Part 1 Let’s Learn ENGLISH. GRADE 1. Pupil’s Book । Part 2 kids eduvational book, funny character finger point
A-Z a-z small letters A-Z-WORD Rhymes 1-100 Numbers 1-100 Numbers spelling Composee and Decompose Numbers Shapes Odd numbers list Even numbers list cardinal ordinal nominal numbers cardinal ordinal nominal numbers Place value A-Z transportation birds fish family Rooms Name fruits vagetables colors days month body parts inner body parts organs Meet Ben Ben it's play time Ben at school
2 kids boy read book